Butter is an all-natural product, which is manufactured from fresh cream, by means of a churning process and may or may not have salt added. The product is a basic ingredient in many food formulations because of its functional properties:

• creaming and shortening qualities for bakery  applications
• promotes desirable flavours in food applications
• provides moisture and creaminess in the mouth  without wetness
• promotes and stabilizes aeration
• contributes to opacity and viscosity in food  systems

25kg Salted Butter has diverse uses in bakery products, select confectionery products, sauces, frozen desserts and numerous other food applications.

25kg Unsalted Butter is preferred by many bakers for use in croissants, Danish pastries, and preparations of frozen dough products.

Milk Powders

Whole milk and skim milk powders are widely used across the food industry with strong Governmental inspection and regulatory standards ensuring product integrity.

Low Heat Skim Milk Powder is spray dried milk powder manufactured to minimize protein denaturation during production.

High Heat Skim Milk Powder has been processed to minimize protein breakdown in applications such as retorting.

Whole Milk Powder is a spray dried product made from fresh whole milk processed to preserve quality and freshness.

Whey Powders & Whey Protein

A large selection of whey products can be supplied ranging from low protein whey permeates to whey protein isolates. Some of these products are available in an instantized form for easy solution.

Whey Powder is a spray dried product manufactured from fresh sweet dairy whey.
It is widely used in dairy products, bakeries and prepared foods.

Whey Protein Concentrate 34% is manufactured from fresh whey using ultra filtration, spray dried to provide an excellent source of dairy protein for general use across the food industry.

Whey Protein Concentrate 80% is used in food products as a rich source of high quality protein in nutritional beverages, food bars, supplements, infant foods and as protein source for food rations.

Cream Cheese & Other Cheeses

Burt Lewis Canada can supply several types and sizes of cream cheese and other cheeses for industrial or food service applications.

Cream Cheese 22380 is a cultured dairy product made from fresh whole milk and cream. It is used for applications such as cheese cake, dessert and pastry filling, and pastry icing.


Lactose is milk sugar manufactured from fresh whey. The product is non-hygroscopic and free flowing with a bland clean flavour.

Lactose L 300 has a medium sized particle with 80% of the product passing through an 80 mesh screen.

Specialty Milk Blends


A wide variety of milk blends is available, primarily products which are skim milk powder replacers providing a more economical alternative and protein levels tailored to specific uses. Other products are available which replace buttermilk powder, fresh eggs or fresh cream.

Caseinates are manufactured from fresh skim milk by precipitation of casein through acidification. After separation, the fresh curd is washed and transformed into caseinate and dried.

Edible Sodium Caseinate 2100S is a high quality fully reacted and spray dried sodium caseinate manufactured from premium quality acid casein.